Who is BD Consult?

BD Consult EE A/S was established in Denmark in 1988. The company was founded to develop "turn-key" solutions within the telecommunication area. Today BD Consult EE A/S is manufacturer and supplier of special cellular modems and line interfaces for the NMT, E-TACS, Amps and the GSM networks.

BD Consult A/S has activities all over Europe and Scandinavia by a network of distributors.
BD Consult A/S has a good reputation within the field of special solutions and accessories for cell phones.

Our development engineers have 20 years of experience with telecommunication, including the NMT 450, NMT 900, E-TACS and GSM.
This experience is the knowledge and platform for developing and manufacturing products with excellent performance and quality.
Most of the manufacturing is carried out by highly qualified subcontractors, whilst the finishing of the products is carried out by the company itself.

The product range

Since 1988 BD Consult EE A/S has specialised in the development of products for Wireless Local Loop, taking advantage of two important needs for professional users of telecommunication.

Using the mobile network provides a flexibility and an independence of the cable network in areas with infrastructure still to be developed.
But also where this network exists the use of WLL can be useful. Calling within the same mobile net is far cheaper than calling from cable net to mobile. Therefore many professional customers have taken advantage of our products, using the least cost routing feature on their switchboard.

With just an average traffic of mobile communication with sales or service personel on the road, investment in our products has a pay back time of less than six months.

For the professional user, the Cellink is the right product, with a nice design and features to be used in any type of switchboard, analogue or digital. Mobiline is for the private or semi professional user, that need to switch just one phone to the device. Alarmline - using the mobile network for security and surveillance.

Using the AlarmLine as your communication between alarm devices and the receiver or alarm central, you shall be completely independent of what happens to telephone- or electrical cables when intruders enter your property. All carry a 12 battery power backup and all signals are sent wireless. All communication goes via SMS messages and provides easy remote access to the device.