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Mobiline is FCT (Fixed Cellular Terminal) that converts a mobile phone connection into a standard analogue telephone connection. Mobiline fulfils all requirements for fixed line like: national, international and mobile calls, sending and receiving fax, data transmission and dial-up connection to internet.

Mobiline gives you all services which you know from PSTN line, via GSM infrastructure, and at the same time in intelligent way eliminates differences between GSM net and PSTN net. This is a nice Plug & Play solution, with build in internal GSM antenna (with possibility to connect external antenna), build in battery backup and external power supply. It easily can be wall mounted and requires only SIM card installation.

More information

Basic information

Product characteristics

  • Two independent analogue lines in basic configuration:
    • Plug RJ11 - realize voice calls
    • Plug RJ11 - realize fax calls, data transmission point-point, internet
  • One analogue line for voice and fax calls when autodetection functionality enabled
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Built-in GSM helical antenna; TNC plug available to connect external antenna
  • RS232 port for modem SMS communication

Fax transmission

  • Support for faxes group 3
  • Fax transmission in transparent mode or optional Store&Forward mode
  • Required services enabled on SIM card*:
    • Enabled fax transmission service
    • Dedicated extra number assigned to the SIM card for incoming fax transmission

Data transmission

  • Support modem communication standard V.34, V.90 (ISP/Server Mode)
  • Support for technology CSD/GPRS (EDGE/HSPA as option)
  • Required services enabled on SIM card for realize CSD data transmission (point-point)*:
    • Enabled CSD data transmission service
    • Dedicated extra number assigned to the SIM card to realize CSD data transmission
  • Required services enabled on SIM card for realize GPRS/EDGE data transmission*:
    • Enabled data transmission service

*Detailed information on additional services must be obtained from the appropriate provider.


Standard features

Basic functions

  • PIN code management
  • Echo cancellation system for adaptation to different line impedance
  • Network operator SIM lock system
  • Adjusting the sound level in the transmission and reception
  • Polarity reversal line when B-answer
  • SMS modem, receive and transmitt SMS via RS232 port

Functions for incoming traffic

  • CLIP/FSK presentation
  • Call transfer, support services offered by the operator

Functions for outgoing traffic

  • Defining the direction prohibited
  • Inteligent Quick Dial System
  • Hiding outgoing number presentation
  • The autodetection fax signal on L1 port: Phone/Fax
  • Generating national tones during a call

Service functions

    • Local programming gateway from a PC via RS232 communication port
    • Local registering logs from gateway in real time
    • Programming selected features via DTMF codes
    • Remote access to the gateway using GSM data
    • Remote reading level signal via SMS
    • Test the connection lines L1: Phone(Ring on/off)
    • Reading call statistics
    • Reading time since last reboot


Housing and connectors description

General specification

Description Specification
Specification 200 x 210 x 34 mm (H x W x D)
Mounting hole spacing 149 mm / 50 mm
Weight 1385 g (excl. power supply)
Material Plastic
Application Inside the building

Dimensions gateway housing Mobiline


Environmental specifications

Description Specification
Operating temperature -10 oC - +55 oC
Storage temperature
-20 oC - +75 oC
Relative humidity
Max. 85% non condensing

Connectors description Mobiline2000NW gateway

Connectors description

Connector Description
1 Power plug. Place the power supply connection
Plug L1: Phone
Plug L2: Fax/Data
Port RS232. Programing gateway, sending / receiving SMS
Port USB, connector type B - option


Technical specification*

Technical specification

Description Specification
Input voltage 11 – 20 VDC
Maximum current consumption 0,7 A @ 18,0 VDC
Weight 410 g (excl. power supply)
Power consumption
Current consumption at a supply voltage of 18.0 VDC:
in standby mode: 80 – 110 mA
in off hook mode: 270 mA
conversation: typical 350 mA - maximum 400 mA @ 2 W / 900 MHz / VSWR max. 2,0

Parameters battery backup

Description Specification
Voltage 12 V
Capacity 2,3 Ah
Backup power Up to 12 hours in the stand by mode
Up to 30 minutes conversation

Parameters line interface

Description Specification
Impedance 600 Ω
Line voltage 48 VDC / nominal 52 VDC +/- 4 V
Ringing voltage 48 Vrms +/- 8 V @25/50 Hz
Dialing system Tone / Pulse

Mobile interface specification

Description Specification
Technology Quad band: GSM 900/1800 – 850/1900 MHz; Cinterion GSM Phase 2+
Output power

Class 4 (+33 dBm +/- 2 dB) for EGSM850
Class 4 (+33 dBm +/- 2 dB) for EGSM900
Class 1 (+30 dBm +/- 2 dB) for EGSM1800
Class E2 (+27 dBm +/- 3 dB) for GSM900 8-PSK
Class E2 (+26 dBm +3 / -4 dB) for GSM1800 8-PSK
These values are the maximum values and depending on the type of connection can take the lower values.

Data transmission

- V.110, RLP, non-transparent
- 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 14.4kbps
- Multislot Class 12
- Mobile Station Class B
- Multislot Class 12
- Mobile Station Class B

Fax transmission Group 3; Class 1, max. speed 9,6 kb/s
Speech codec FR - Full Rate,
EFR - Enhanced Full Rate,
HR - Half Rate
AMR – Adaptive Multi Rate

Depending on the type of gateway and used GSM module parameters may differ from those listed in the specification.


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