Mobiline BlackBOX

Mobiline BlackBox it is an analogue GSM gateway, which enables the routing of calls from the office PABX to the mobile network, realizing the connection type GSM-GSM. Gateway Mobiline addition to the basic voice connection enables the transmission of fax, data and send and receive SMS messages.

More information

Basic information

Product characteristics

  • Two independent analogue lines in basic configuration:
    • Plug RJ11 - realize voice calls
    • Plug RJ11 - realize fax calls, data transmission point-point, internet
  • One analogue line for voice and fax calls when autodetection functionality enabled
  • RS232 port for modem SMS communication

Faks tansmission

  • Support for faxes group 3
  • Fax transmission in transparent mode
  • Required services enabled on SIM card*:
    • Enabled fax transmission service
    • Dedicated extra number assigned to the SIM card for incoming fax transmission

Data transmission danych

  • Support modem communication standard V.34, V.90 (ISP/Server Mode)
  • Support for technology CSD/GPRS (EDGE/HSPA as option)
  • Required services enabled on SIM card for realize CSD data transmission (point-point)*:
    • Enabled CSD data transmission service
    • Dedicated extra number assigned to the SIM card to realize CSD data transmission
  • Required services enabled on SIM card for realize GPRS/EDGE data transmission*:
    • Enabled data transmission service

*Detailed information on additional services must be obtained from the appropriate provider.


Standard features

Basic functions

  • PIN code management
  • Echo cancellation system for adaptation to different line impedance
  • Network operator SIM lock system
  • Adjusting the sound level in the transmission and reception
  • Polarity reversal line when B-answer
  • SMS modem, receive and transmitt SMS via RS232 port

Functions for incoming traffic

  • CLIP/FSK presentation
  • Call transfer, support services offered by the operator

Functions for outgoing traffic

  • Defining the direction prohibited
  • Inteligent Quick Dial System
  • Hiding outgoing number presentation
  • The autodetection fax signal on L1 port: Phone/Fax
  • Generating national tones during a call

Service functions

    • Local programming gateway from a PC via RS232 communication port
    • Local registering logs from gateway in real time
    • Programming selected features via DTMF codes
    • Remote access to the gateway using GSM data
    • Remote reading level signal via SMS
    • Test the connection lines L1: Phone(Ring on/off)
    • Reading call statistics
    • Reading time since last reboot


Housing and connectors description

General specification

Description Specification
Dimensions 145 x 86 x 34 mm (H x W x D)
Mounting hole spacing 135 mm / 56 mm
Weight 400 g (excl. power supply)
Material Aluminium
Application Inside the building

Dimensions gateway housing Mobiline


Environmental specification

Description Specification
Operation temperature -10 oC - +55 oC
Storage temperature
-20 oC - +75 oC
Relative humidity
Max. 85% non condensing

Connectors description Mobiline2000G3 gateway

Connectors description

Connector Description
1 Antenna connector TNC type
SIM card carrier
LEDs indicating the operating status of gateway
Connector for battery backup power - option
Power plug. Place to connect power supply
Plug L1: Phone
Plug L2: Fax/Data
Plug RS232. Programing gateway, send / receiving SMS
Port USB, connector type B - option


Technical specification

Technical specification

Description Specification
Input voltage 11 – 20 VDC
Maximum current consumption 0,7 A @ 18,0 VDC
Weight 410 g (excl. power supply)
Power consumption
Current consumption at a supply voltage of 18.0 VDC:
in standby mode: 80 – 110 mA
in off hook mode: 270 mA
conversation: typical 350 mA - maximum 400 mA @ 2 W / 900 MHz / VSWR max. 2,0

Parameters line interface

Description Specification
Impedance 600 Ω
Line voltage 48 VDC / nominal 52 VDC +/- 4 V
Ringing voltage 48 Vrms +/- 8 V @25/50 Hz
Dialing system Tone / Pulse

Mobile interface specification

Description Specification
Technology Quad band: GSM 900/1800 – 850/1900 MHz; Cinterion GSM Phase 2+
Output power

Class 4 (+33 dBm +/- 2 dB) for EGSM850
Class 4 (+33 dBm +/- 2 dB) for EGSM900
Class 1 (+30 dBm +/- 2 dB) for EGSM1800
Class E2 (+27 dBm +/- 3 dB) for GSM900 8-PSK
Class E2 (+26 dBm +3 / -4 dB) for GSM1800 8-PSK
These values are the maximum values and depending on the type of connection can take the lower values.

Data transmission

- V.110, RLP, non-transparent
- 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 14.4kbps
- Multislot Class 12
- Mobile Station Class B
- Multislot Class 12
- Mobile Station Class B

Fax transmission Group 3; Class 1, max. speed 9,6 kb/s
Speech codec FR - Full Rate,
EFR - Enhanced Full Rate,
HR - Half Rate
AMR – Adaptive Multi Rate

Depending on the type of gateway and used GSM module parameters may differ from those listed in the specification.

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