A small verion of AlarmLine - AlarmLight is used for remote control and monitoring via SMS service or ordinary phone calls. AlarmLight is extremely flexible and can be used for remote control and monitoring of field watering, heating in holiday cottages, door controls, water pumps among other.  

Areas of use: industry, farming, construction sites, power stations and private homes.

Features: up to four users, status via SMS service, programmable alarm messages.

Areas of application
  • DC Power from 8 volt to 30 volt.
  • Standard Lead battery charger (nominal 2AH).
  • SMS Alarm on Power Failure.
  • SMS Alarm on Low Battery.
  • 2 additional inputs for general purpose monitoring, sending status/alarms as SMS.
  • 2 additional outputs (open collector), for remote control functions via SMS
  • Capable of routing alarms to 2 mobile receivers.
  • SIM-Card sloth for external insertion.
  • Supports std. GSM DATA and GPRS GSM high-speed data (Micropocket version).
  • 2 inputs.
  • 2 outputs.
  • Combine SMS Alarm/surveillance and SMS remote control, with GSM data / GPRS via RS232 connection (optional).
  • Sends individual SMS messages when an input is triggered.
  • SMS messages are programmable, up to 31 characters per input and per level (high/low).
  • Up to 2 different receivers/phone numbers or users, to receive alarm/surveillance information and performing remote control functions.
  • Transmits alarms as SMS, E-mail, data or in the alarm format Scancom (Data/Scancom are optional).
  • Can demand the receiver to acknowledges the alarm, alternative transmit the alarm to alternative receivers.
  • 2 sequences per input, each describing how an alarm should be send. For instance an alarm can firstly be send as SMS to Mobile no. 1, if acknowledgement is missing, then send the alarm to mobile no. 2.
  • Outputs can be turned on or off, sending SMS commands from standard GSM mobiles.
  • Users can request complete and actual status information, delivered as a SMS message.
  • It is only “known” users, who can remote control functions, and request status information.
  • Directly connectable to standard lead battery, where Alarm-Light charge and maintain the battery. Transmits alarms if the power supply disappears, when the battery is nearly empty, and when the power supply is re-established.
  • Flexible power supply, from 8 to 30 VDC, with the opportunities for automobile, truck and ships uses etc. 230VAC power adaptor included.
  • Dimension: 66 x 136 x 31 mm.
  • GSM Dual Band phase 2+.
  • Directly for Sim-Card insertion.
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